Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion


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By Lars G Petersson

ISBN: 978-1-84991-281-5
Published: 2010
Pages: 157
Key Themes: abuse, social issues, mental health, psychiatry



From age 17 German young men, no matter if they enlist or are conscripted to serve their country, are legally obliged to subject themselves to repeated, humiliating medical examinations carried out mainly by female staff. Military regulations and old perverted habits demand they strip, present testicles, pull foreskin back, turn, bend forward and spread their buttocks for inspection. What once was seen as a suitable induction to Hitler’s tyrannical army and conducted by medics of dubious repute has today, 65 years later, been turned into a bizarre manifestation of ‘gender equality’ at work….

Mental suffering due to these abusive ‘health’ interventions is widespread throughout the country, but nobody accepts responsibility. Even medical boards are silent and pass the buck. ‘So is the law.’ ‘We just follow orders and regulations.’ Last time such excuses were heard on a broader scale was in Nuremberg. MUSTERUNG discloses a huge state-sanctioned, sadomasochistic scandal which until now only has been protected by its status as taboo.

About the Author

Lars G Petersson is a 58 year old Swedish-born Londoner, activist and free-lance writer with special interest in peace, mental health, social justice and human rights. He is the author of a large number of articles and three books: DESERTERS (Danish Resistance Museum Publishing, 2005), ABUSE UK (Chipmunkapublishing, 2010) and MUSTERUNG (Chipmunkapublishing 2010) .

Trained as a nurse – specialising in mental health, social issues and addiction – Lars G Petersson has persistently used his insider knowledge to disclose matters otherwise hidden from public scrutiny. In a number of cases this has led to serious public debate and major improvements for vulnerable people. In one case criticism of serious maltreatment of (non criminal) Iran/Iraq war deserters in a Copenhagen prison (Amnesty International Report 1991) led to significant improvements in the treatment of refugees in Denmark. In another, Petersson’s disclosures from a psychiatric unit under the Danish Ministry of Defence led to major reforms in military ‘training methods’ of recruits.

As a conscripted soldier Lars G Petersson served in the Swedish air forces. He has gathered extensive knowledge about German politics and society ever since the early seventies when he worked as a massage therapist in the state of Hesse.

Book Extract

‘Strip naked; pull back the foreskin; turn; bend forward; spread your buttocks.’ In the hands of a perverted military establishment generations of German young men have always done what they were told. And, it has got worse with time: during the Nazi era at least male doctors performed the degrading military ‘medicals’; thereafter, as a bizarre result of ‘equal opportunities’, zealous women have taken over.

Mental anguish due to such humiliation is widespread in society, but nobody seems to care. Protection of young men is not a priority. It is true, economic woes (not calls for human rights) will soon end conscription. But, on a smaller scale the abuse will continue – now with ‘volunteers’ as victims.

MEDICAL RAPE presents a shocking story that might look like fictitious sadomasochistic porno. However, it isn’t: it is a true account of state-authorised sexual abuse. Therefore, in the name of millions of defenceless young victims, the author calls for an unconditional apology for what they were exposed to by their own country. He also demands an immediate stop to further ill-treatment.


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