Mashed Mind


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By Suzanne Eley

ISBN: 978-1-84747-324-0
Published: 2007
Pages: 13
Key Themes: poetry, bipolar, manic depression, rapid cycling, childhood symptoms, autobiographical


This is a short heartfelt collection of poetry from an extremely brave woman. Her work covers topics from the personal to the universal.

About the Author

“I have Bipolar disorder with rapid cycling; at times it is great as I seem to be able to achieve so much.
But the real problem for me is the deep depression.
I have suffered bipolar as long as can remember; the first signs for me raised its ugly head when I was about 7 or 8.

I began to feel alone and different and had no idea what was going on. I could not understand why I felt so depressed yet nothing in my life had caused me to feel so bad. No one then even really knew about bipolar so that was not even considered. Because of this lack of knowledge I certainly have suffered more than I should have done.

I did not get my diagnosis until three and half years ago, I was on lithium for a while but could not handle feeling normal as it was such a long time ago that I knew what it felt like. For me it is still a constant struggle and I have tried to live as normal as possible.

I would like to see more understanding of mental health issues and to see more help out there, the waiting time is dangerously long, a lot can happen during that wait. I would also like to see the entire stigma dropped; there are amazingly still some doctors that seem to have little understanding. Thankfully mine is great.”

Suzanne lives with her long term partner and her children and runs a forum called “bi-polar awareness”.

Book Extract


The days go by,
Life carry’s on,
You ache inside,
Wondering why?

You know the reasons,
It doesn’t make sense.
Life seems so cruel,
You feel so tense.

The clouds go by,
You watch the sky.
Wondering, waiting.
Knowing we all must die.



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