Marys Story. A Moment of Madness?


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By Lynne Garnham King

ISBN: 9781849910811
Published: 2009
Pages: 79
Key Themes: psychosis, mental health problems, empowerment


The book is Marys story. It is a true story. It is about a psychotic experience with a supernatural twist! I had the good fortune to meet Mary during my role as a counselor. Mary claimed that she had been hearing voices for several months. It was only when the voices had stopped and Mary had regained some of her equilibrium that she came to counselling to try to make some sense of the episode. Mary had been a counsellor herself and believed that counseling could help her with her problem.

Marys was not a straightforward case as you will discover when you read her story. Mary claimed that before the voices had appeared she had been having supernatural experiences. In fact, Mary claimed to have proof of what had happened to her as she had recorded some of her encounters with the spirit world on her tape recorder. Indeed I can bear witness to the voices recorded on the tape recorder, as can other health care workers.

The following is Marys story told in her own words as she searches for answers as to what happened to her. Come with me into Marys strangely fascinating world and decide for yourself if you believe whether Mary did have an encounter with the spirit world. Or if you believe it was something else, perhaps an episode of madness brought on by the death of her father. Read on and decide for yourself!

About the Author

Lynne was born in 1955. She was brought up in a loving family and has one sister. From her midtwenties she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. By her midthirties Lynne had become agoraphobic and was house bound. Battling agoraphobia and dealing with a protracted drug withdrawal programme from benzodiazepines took up the next ten years of her life during which time Lynne suffered a breakdown and was very ill. She was diagnosed with M.E in 1998. Married twice, Lynne feels that health problems were responsible for her two divorces.
Further health problems ensued including being diagnosed as coeliac and having a serious vertigo problem. She trained to be a counsellor to put her vast experiences to some use in a positive way by helping others.


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