Manic Reflections: 50 Life Poems


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By John Welsh

ISBN: 978-1-84747-915-0
Published: 2009
Pages: 59
Key Themes: poetry, depression, love, relationships, family



These 50 poems represent my thoughts and feelings covering approximately 40 years of my life. I was born in 1953.
Some of them are very personal and may need a bit of explaining to assist the reader e.g. “K IS S” was written for my darling niece Kathryn and her husband Simon on their wedding day.
“The day I went to outer space” was written as an internet mate asked for a poem about her and her backgound info was she liked cheese and red wine
Poems like “The wisdom I covet” and “My love is like a bloom on the crag” were 40 and 10 years in the germinating before popping out
My style of writing has always been idea, grab a pen, write a poem often in minutes but always at one sitting so to speak (it’s like my brain is on fire)
I hope all who read them enjoy, understand them and if not maybe have a laugh (it’s a great boost to feeling well).
Some of this may make some sense to people with a similar mental disorder as I have. They reflect various periods of my life although none are written when in deep depression only after with reflection.

About the Author

John Welsh aka Jungle John and Johnny5alive was born in 1953. He is bipolar and proud and since his diagnosis after a dark period in the mid 90’s has become comfortable with his condition and manages his demons well.

He calls himself a contented extrovert and hopes this comes across in his poetry.

His humble but happy childhood in the countryside in Yorkshire instilled in him his love of nature and he is lanewise and has worked in conservation and for the RSPB voluntarily.
He lives alone in his adopted city of Lincoln close to his beloved children and currently works in the sports and leisure business earning the money to pay for the travel he loves.

Always looking for new projects at present he is working with two universities on presentations about living with a mental health condition, this is his way of giving something back to the network that helped him to get and remain well
John considers himself self educated and has fed off good conversation, books, music and of course travel.

This year he is ticking off a few boxes on life’s wish list with flying round the world and now getting this book published and its only May!

Book Extract


In a crowded world
There’s a smallish girl
The noise drowns out
The name I shout
And I miss you

The bus seems late
On our first date
As I check and stare
Has she changed her hair
And I miss you

As my heart should slow
Due to odds being low
It’s a long shot dare
She could just be there
And I miss you

It’s a bitter pill
And the wind seems chill
When the date is set
Then down is let
And I miss you

Find an empty place
To search and trace
But where to start
A parallel heart
And I miss you

In the waking night
As my thoughts take flight
You are near my side
With me abide
And not miss You


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