Manic Deflections


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50 More Life Poems
By John Welsh

ISBN: 978-1-84991-206-8
Published: 2010
Pages: 60
Key Themes: poetry, mania, manic depression



These 50 more life poems follow on from the style of the first complilation
Manic Reflections 50 Life Poems
As well as new material which has come along with the confidence I have gained there are poems I wrote in the 70’s when travelling in Europe with a heavy heart.

So if it’s soul searching or place searching maybe there is something in this for you to laugh at, think about or just read once or three times to see what I was trying to say. Whatever I hope you enjoy them and if not may it light up your barbeque.

About the Author

John is funny, loyal, old fashioned, honest, bipolar and collects frogs. He hopes he will be remembered as a good dad, quirky, self educated, passionate and intense.

Writing as a more than quiet back bedroom pastime increased from the time when his eldest daughter Nic suggested he did something about that bag full of verse on the back of envelopes etc and so she hand wrote them out into a leather bound journal. Not one to be impulsive except on six days of the week he challenged this suggestion and practised writing poetry for gifts and on requests. A friend became enthusiastic about the book and produced the cover page artwork for this and the first book (thanks Dean) and this created more interest He usually writes in the morning after a disturbed night’s sleep but has found triggers and places that either create an immediate poem or at least generate a title. He has always written in the following way idea (trigger) grab a pen, write a poem straight off (the most unusual was driving a camper van around New Zealand composing the road trip poem “Lits Git Wit in Godzone” whilst his sister wrote it down) The other way is for him to let germinate in his brain an idea for up to 40 years before it eventually arrives.
Since his diagnosis of bipolar disorder (manic depression) in 1995 he has sought to understand his condition and eventually to become comfortable with his demons. He has become involved in the research network of service users and has worked with the local University medical school doing presentations about his condition.
Being a published author has pushed himself well out of the closet and he is very aware of the stigma a bipolar poet carries but he does not give a shit and has caught the performing bug as well as the writing bug and has appeared on stage at various venues around the city of Lincoln
Future projects include more books, Promoting and creating writing therapy workshops, more stage work and short story development.

He was born in the summer of 1953 (Jurassic period)

Book Extract


So you are not in the speech
No you are not mentioned
Because you hijack the talk
I have seen your intention

So I avoid your presence
Cross the road and hide
I know what the outcome
Will be on your side

Am I becoming you?
Do I look just one way?
Let me know what you think
Tell me what I’ll say

Now all conversations ended
All debate has gone to bed
Maybe night will forget morning
And all that was said

Try to hear and not be heard
Try to speak when lines are fed
Respect the souls around you
Or they will hope that you are dead


If I was a boy
I would drink beer then some wine
I’d drink beer in the morning
In fact I’d drink beer all the time

I would be sick in my shoes
Wake up with girls I don’t know
And when I looked at them closely
I‘d just want to get up and go

Have an intravenous drip
To keep my beer levels high
And hope I am never sober
Not even on the day that I die

So here’s a toast to us men
Let the party begin
I’m going off beer and wine
Now where is the vodka and gin?


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