Mania, mania, Mania


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By Sushi I Toy

ISBN: 978-1-84747-4834
Published: 2008
Pages: 224
Key Themes: hyper mania, empowerment, self-help, guidance, bi-polar types 1 and 2


This is a step by step guide to understanding Mania.Based on the international best seller hypermania revealed it trys to talk in simple terms about mania.

This book also gives a positive insight into hypermania,hypomania, and mania. Conditions which many of us suffer or enjoy but very few of us recognise. Until now! As much a self-help business management book as a book on mental health.

The book gives factual and medical information about hyper mania and provides personal accounts of mania, thus enabling more people to understand these condition. This book stresses the beneficial characteristics of a being manic and describes how this can actually improve some aspects of your life. Extremely informative and original, this is a must read for anybody looking for reasoning behind the way they behave.

About the Author

Sushi I Toy is a progressive thinker living near London. I Toy has recognised that he has suffered from hyper mania from the age of 13. He is an enigmatic man who does not need the limelight. A regular traveller across Europe and the world, Sushi holds some very important directorships. He loves work and is often found on the phone his mobile company love him! . He likes to think and ponder, he, however hates fools. His path in life is direct, he knows what he has to do.
He is currently looking at other ways of helping people accross the globe.

Sushi I Toy is currently working with three hyper maniacs, he however still has time for his family and loved ones. Sushi I Toy is currently working on his third book entitled do you get it yet? . Read this book – you might find out more about YOU!


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