Make Love Not Dinner


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Secrets revealed by top London escort
By Dee Delady

ISBN: 978-1-84747-535-0
Published: 2008
Pages: 36


sex professional, sex tips, autobiography, life change, fantasy


About the Author

Dee is one of the top escorts in London. Born in a well off family, Dee went to Church affiliated school and then obtained her higher studies in the USA. She has a Masters degree in Management and worked in an Investment Bank for few years. Tired of long hours and number crunching Shay decided to change her lifestyle and obtained diploma in beauty and massage with a vision to involve more artistic elements in her life. At the same time she came out of a sour relationship giving her the opportunity to completely alter her life around.
Dee decided to work for herself on her terms, as she embarked on a solo journey that led her to the unknown and often feared path of high class escorting. The new path, new place and new lifestyle had given her the daily hands-on enlightenment on complicated human psychology and varied physical desires. This was a line of living that could be quite glamorous yet dark and lonely at times but experiences can be used to learn the lesson on life through trial, strength of mind, laughter, and tears.


In Dee’s Book ‘Make Love Not Dinner’ we get the first hand sexual knowledge and life advice from an escort who made herself successful in the competitive London scene and been featured in TV documentaries. She has written the book based on her vast intimate experiences with men from around the world to realistically enhance people’s sexuality as well as lifestyle in our modern busy world. The book also features top sexual fantasies that clients shared with Shay, with a touch of humour. It discusses her experiences to offer guidance and sex techniques to people to overcome low self esteem, ensuring dating success, reigniting long term relationships etc through self development and improved sexual performance. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, ‘Make Love Not Dinner’ will give you new ideas to play with.


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