Madonna Complex


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By Peter Andrew Sacco and Debra Laino

ISBN: 978-1-84991-629-5
Published: 2011
Pages: 198
Key Themes: mental health, sexual addiction, relationships, gender


The Madonna complex is not something new. In fact, it was and often times is still usually referred to as the Madonna whore complex. And what does this mean exactly? The Madonna complex is a book which explains in essence two things, 1. Why men are more prone to sexual addiction and 2. Why men with the Madonna complex prefer to not have sex with their partners, rather have extramarital affairs and or become addicted to pornography, strip clubs and other venues of the sex trade. The book explains the etiology for why it happens and what causes it. The book also explains how women, namely the victims of the infidelity think or feel about their mates. Finally, the book provides first hand insights from individuals who have the Madonna complex or aspects of it, as well as case studies from the victims of it. Can sex become an addiction? You bet it can and this book shows you why!

About the Author


Peter is an international author of the popular selling books Whats Your Anger Type? and Penis Envy. He is former TV talk show host of Mental Health Matters and resident expert on many TV shows. Peter is also the former Editor-in-Chief for Vices. The Magazine for Addictions, Habits and Well-Being. Peter is a psychology professor specializing in addictions, relationships and criminal psychology and former private practitioner. He resides in Niagara Falls, Canada.


Dr. Debra Laino is a Board certified Sex Therapist and Sex Educator in the Philadelphia area. She is in private practice and teaches for several Universities. Dr. Laino does countless media appearances and is a published author, her most recent book being Eleven reasons Why Women Cheat published in 2010. She is currently a columnist for Sex Appeal Magazine based out of Detroit, Michigan. As a young woman who has dealt with a desire disorder herself, she has great insight and empathy for clients going through these issues.


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