Madness at Midnight


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By Bianca Benjamin

ISBN: 978-1-905610-49-5
Published: 2006
Pages: 98
Key Themes: schizophrenia, depression, the occult, old age, challenges


This is the story of an actual encounter with deep, dark and largely unexplained forces. Not a nice comfortable story with a happy ending but rather a raw, emotional journey littered with the sort of trials and challenges most of us will be fortunate enough never to have to face. Bianca is a schizophrenic, she has spent much of her life in hospital, battling her illness. This is her unique story.

About the Author

Bianca Benjamins first mental breakdown was in her early fifties, her subsequent psychosis left her isolated from her family. She became a figure of humiliation and embarrassment amongst her friends and eventually ended up sectioned in a North London hospital under the Mental Health Act. She was diagnosed as schizophrenic and has spent the rest of her life battling not just her mental illness but also the prejudices and ignorance of friends and family. As she herself says, No psychiatrist ever made a jot of difference to my mental recovery. The only thing that has helped me has been the love and support I have received from other mentally ill people and sympathetic friends.

4 reviews for Madness at Midnight

  1. Donald Neville (verified owner)

    Bianca Benjamin writes her first mental breakdown. Schizophrenic, she had to fight all her life against prejudices and ignorance of her friends and family, and so underlines the importance of a good circle for the way to healing.

  2. Steven Michaels (verified owner)

    Bianca fights against mental illnesses: depression and schizophrenia, but this is not her only battle; she has to fight with family and friends in a bid to make them understand what is happening to her. As society does toward mental health sufferers humiliating them, her relatives acted in the same way. However always keeping hope she ends her book on an happy end!

  3. Brian May (verified owner)

    This book is moving indeed. The author deals with madness in a very particular way, which allows a great category of readers to easily understand the subject. I would recommend this book to the greatest number of people.

  4. William Harvey (verified owner)

    Bianca Benjamin’s autobiography tells of terrific suffering. Most of us can only imagine fighting for your family as well as fighting mental illnesses. Her story is an amazing read!

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