Mad Pride


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A Celebration of Mad Culture
Edited by Ted Curtis, Robert Dellar, Leslie Esther

ISBN: 978-1-904697-59-6
First published: 1999
This Edition: 2003
Pages: 180
Key Themes: humour, mental health services, empowerment, fiction, activism, celebrating madness


Big Issue book of the month when originally released in 1999 the Madpride Anthology is re-issued in the memory of Pete Shaugnessey, a leader of the survivor movement. This collection is a celebration of mad culture indicating that the Madpride movement is alive and well in the UK. Tough, uncompromising, subversive and very funny, this is an anthology of the accounts of 24 authors and the experience of madness. They boast about wild things they have done, and share their accounts of liberation through madness. It celebrates madness in all its forms and as a force for social revolution. Excellent fun but with a serious political undertone, it’s one of the most important mental health books of its generation.


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