Lunacy: A Collection of Online Journals


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By Aimee Sparrow

ISBN: 978-1-78382-507-3
Published: 2020
Pages: 164


This collection of online journals produces a timeline of my thought process as I sought recovery, solace, and peace with myself under the knowledge I have a lifelong mental illness that influences something as intimate as my moods. Over time I experience hope, despair, despondency, intense fear, hatred, and sadness. Prior to discovering happiness, these were my greatest trials and I express them in ways others can understand and reflect on either as a fellow survivor or as a friend of one. The purpose of this manuscript is to enhance mental health awareness and open up the discussion on how to make life easier for those who suffer.

About the author

I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder after experiencing a delusion when I was 20 years old. Over time I have been hospitalized, put on several different medications including mood stabilizers and antipsychotics, and have been struggling with the reality of both my illness and being medicated for it. I experienced depressive symptoms primarily for a decade before I found happiness and stability. My friends and family have supported me and I have grown and learned so much over the years. I am a strong proponent of progress and recovery from mental illness with time, dedication, talk therapy, and reflection.

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  1. Jeremy Cope (verified owner)

    A Revealing Discussion on Mental Illness-
    This journal explores the mind of a diagnosed Bipolar-1. The feelings of depression, happiness, anxiety, and self doubt are all emotions we can relate to. As the author struggles with the reality of taking medication for her condition, we get a purview into her mind and thought process. Is the medicine helping her maintain control, or limiting her true recovery? This collection of writings help bring awareness to the internal struggles of Mental Illness and shine a light on the need for better treatment options. The storyline becomes relatable, as we all have experienced the up and downs of life, maybe not to the same extent as the author, but through empathy, we can relate to her struggles. The entries read like a diary, and with comments from the community as they were posted, help give a refreshing perspective, as we can follow along with the support she received. An interesting read, and recommended for those with Mental Illness, and those in their support group trying to relate.

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