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By Philip Hill

ISBN: 978-1-783825228
Published: 2020
Pages: 68
Key Themes: Mental Health, Bereavement, Loss, Mourning

About The Author

Philip Hill was the youngest of a family of four and was born on the same day as his twin brother Paul. His elder brother was Peter and sister Anita, Philip never saw his father but was reunited with his mother on a visit to her care home when he was 14 years old. Philip and Paul were brought up by foster parents Albert and Jessica alongside their aoptive sister Lynn.

Separated from his natural mother at critical early stage and neglected in a childrens home Philip was behind in achieving key academic and emotional developmental milestones.

Crucial to his later development was his twenty year marriage to Geraldine who had mental health issues which is something she had in common with her husband. They both supported one another and found it both difficult to live together and difficult to live apart.


This book is a collection of poetry about what it is to be human. We are living breathing beings that hurt each other and the author asks questions about how we can be honest about this in a way that makes less judgemental and more forgiving of each other.

The book also dwells on the nature of his family relationships as much as it did in a previous chipmunka publication Beyond the Wilderness. In this book the author tries see the world from the standpoint of other family members and is so doing achieves a sense of atonement and forgiveness. .

This book is by an author who has experienced severe mental illness and has an ability and insight to reflect on his past despite the enduring side effects of his medication which both control the illness and impeded some of his thinking abilities to a small extent.


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