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Love, Life and Disability
By Vanessa Ryan

ISBN: 978-1-78382-054-2
Published: 2014
Pages: 30
Key Themes: Mental Health, Love, Disability

Book Extract

By the time the exhausted Sarah and Christine dragged themselves into the dining hall, everyone had nearly finished their breakfast. The traveling and excitement had given them a night of dreamless deep sleep.

Everyone was eagerly looking at the notice boards, busy choosing their activities for the day and finding out which minibus they were going in, the battered one, or the really battered one. Everyone that is except for Roy, who sat in front of a huge breakfast he had not touched. Sarah tried not to look and tucked into hers as the staff sorted through envelopes filled with everyones spending money for that day.

Mary the Manager announced in her bellowing strange accent that they were ready to go, and that they were to make sure they had coats to deal with the changeable weather and sensible shoes to cope with the different kinds of walking.

Roy wasnt listening, he was staring at Sarah with a smile on his face. He was pretending to watch the TV while secretly looking across, trying to get a glimpse of her eyes.

It was time to go, but sadly they were in different minibuses, and neither of them could pluck up the courage to ask if they could move and be together. Although it seemed like they both wanted each others affection they didnt know if this was allowed, and they were embarrassed that their friends might tease them about it. She still desperately wanted to nibble at his ears and finish with a big wet kiss. But they both had to be content with catching each others eyes secretly through the windows of different buses, both on this holiday but on separate trips and perhaps that meant separate lives too. Sarahs anxiety nagged at her that the end of this holiday would come and go and Roy would be just a shadow of more forgotten dreams.


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