Love is a Spider’s Web


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By Queen Irena

ISBN: 978-1-904697-00-8
Published: 2003
Pages: 196
Key Themes: poetry, abuse, carer’s story, ethnic minorities, Christianity

Once you start reading, it feels like a roller-coaster journey leading you through paths that make your muscles tense, relax and gives the Ah! feeling. A truly memorable read. – Velmer McGregor, teacher and community activist

Dont stop writing the world needs you! – Jenessa Qua, Performer at The National Theatre.


A hard hitting, romantic, sexy and intriguing story presented through emails and poetry. Struggling to live in a loveless and abusive marriage whilst bringing up seven children, two of whom are autistic. Queen Irena embraces her Jamaican heritage and her Christian faith to find deep spiritual meaning in a world of pain and decay. The book provides a refreshing view of how one strong woman takes on the complexities of life.

About the Author

Queen Irena lives in Lewisham, South London, where she is a source of inspiration to her local community and also a deeply moving performance poet. Queen Irena was born in 1962, she is the mother of seven children, two of whom are autistic. Her brother has schizophrenia. She wrote her own story to help herself, and to help women who have loved, but are oppressed by the destructive elements of their partners. At present, she works tirelessly for her local community in Lewisham. She is also head of the Livity Development Foundation a charity based in Lewisham.

6 reviews for Love is a Spider’s Web

  1. William Harvey (verified owner)

    This book is very interesting. It shows us even if your life is hard, you can find the strength to live this one.

  2. Horace Owen (verified owner)

    To all the women who believe they are the only ones to struggle while bringing up their children in a loving and caring environment. This story will make you realise that situations can change and that hope is important to keep living without becoming crazy.

  3. Jacob Radcliffe (verified owner)

    A book which gives us courage. It is a true teaching of the life especially for the women.

  4. Karen La Borde (verified owner)

    Love is a Spider’s Web, is the liberating story of a powerful, resilient Rasta woman, who balances a complicated and demanding life, in a loveless, oppressive marriage.’

    Queen Irena is mother to seven children, two of whom are autistic, and cares for her mentally ill brother. The enormity of her parental responsibility did not prevent her from seeking tertiary education, and from contributing positively to community activities. She does not claim that she struggled effortlessly.

    “There were times when I had become suicidal because of the sentence I had been under”, Irena explains.

    Yet Irena clings to her sanity and surmounts the overwhelming burdens of her world. Her story, written for the most part as email letters, and beautifully interspersed with poetry, takes the reader on a journey of despair and spiritual soul searching. She embarks on a new relationship and asserts her right to experience genuine and committed love.

  5. Alessia Johnson (verified owner)

    Queen Irena is a Rastafarian woman who lives in Lewisham. She narrates the struggle of being married to an abusive husband whilst raising seven children (two of whom are autistic). Her story is presented through emails and poetry. An excellent read about a strong woman’s effort to maintain sanity in a loveless marriage.

  6. Fiona Whelpton (verified owner)

    All women should read this book, especially those who feel that no one understands the struggles they face in bringing up children. An inspirational tale that shows the importance of hope; things will get better.

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