Love in the Prison of Psychosis


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By Nick Clark

ISBN: 978-1-905610-21-1
Published: 2007
Pages: 101
Key Themes: psychosis, schizophrenia, language, autobiography, recovery



In this marvellous book Nick Clark enlightens us with many an insightful thought. ‘Love in the Prison of Psychosis’ is an incredibly detailed account on what it’s like to live with schizophrenia; Nick leads us through the corridors of his sophisticated mind with a richness of language that’s hard to ignore and a pleasure to read. This is a strongly written and cathartic book, one that surprises and informs at every juncture. Interesting, enjoyable and eloquent, it is a pleasure to add this book to Chipmunka’s expanding roster.

About the Author

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Book Extract

That’s it! I am actually mad… I am deranged beyond all reason… and yet… I speak so much more sense than some. I can actually spin a handsome verb around a flirting adjective, and allow a promising sentence to emerge from the slumber of a complacent world.

A couple came into the shop the other night, and talked to me as I tried with all me being to register their attempts at communication as something more than embarrassing garbage. They then had a brief argument, which, I kid you not, went like this:
“That film was based on a true story you know.”
“No it wasn’t”
“Yes it was.”
“No it wasn’t. Don’t be stupid.”
“It bloody was, it said ‘Based on a true story’ at the beginning”.
“Oh yeah, it did.”
Not only that, but I picked up on at least five facts the male got utterly wrong, ceasing to correct him after the first two for fear of being branded a pompous pedant.
The line from ‘a working class hero’ reverberated around my skull.

“They hate you if you’re clever, and despise a fool.” That is so true… So true it makes me mad… So mad that I want to unleash my rage by removing my T-shirt, and stand in the middle of the road taking on moving vehicles. But I won’t… That kind of behaviour is not socially the norm, and I might get injured. We are trapped in the legislation maze… and a lot of bubbling minds are drowning in worry… Being an adult is the pits frequently… It’s all a suspicious plot to remove the funk and fly of an impassioned free spirit hell bent on glory hunting. I won’t be party to the conspiracy… I must return to studying the inner thoughts of my deep consciousness, where I on occasion stumble upon a literary gem, and wield a stream of images unto the collective mindset.
Shit… I should never have studied ‘The Apocalypse’ while on drugs… bad move on my part. Dunce to King twelve. I scupper my life on a regular basis by desiring to reach deep into the vast recesses of higher purpose, and garner from this miraculous strange phenomenon the essence of all that is meaningful. Maybe it’s a guitar riff, or a flower, or a girl’s adoring eyes, or the birth of a baby, or the excitement of a loyal friend, or a sense of overwhelming peace, or a piece of important writing. Who’s to say? There are an infinite number of personal realities to explore, should people be a little more forthcoming. My friend told me last night that we are the ‘children of the light’… Perhaps we are, and the future will soon be given to us in order to make the decisions that guide a host of nations… We can choose a number of options by which our futures will be determined. We must seek to choose wisely, and probably not actually get high as kites and shag each other’s girls… For the latent distrust, pain and rage that causes in a collection of individuals might one day reach boiling point… Nihilism formed through immorality – a horrendous fate for millions… Yet it is so hard to spend an entire life living perfectly. So hard indeed, and quite unrealistic. It was alright for Jesus, he was the son of God, so he knew he was onto a winner. What about all the other less-than-prestigious babies spawned of cacker DNA though? Hmm? Not quite so easy for them is it? Thoughtless bunch, those religionists.

Thus, I subscribe to the philosophy that pain is a necessary aspect of the living experience, whereby we learn the meaning of rules and codes so that we might survive and develop into wiser, more decent individuals. For the nefarious nature of the psychotic, and why he is deemed so universally iniquitous is that he is devoid of emotion and conscience, and thus poses a plethora of grave dangers to the more benevolent members of a society.



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