Lost Letters to Leigh


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By Demonmocker

ISBN: 978-1-84747-552-7
Published: 2008
Pages: 429
Key Themes: poetry, manifesto, love, lost love, mental health services


Lost Letters To Leigh was intended to be called Letters To Leigh, however, the book was written again while the author was dying in pain, yet he the author completed the original documents in the work known as Lost Letters To Leigh and used some creativity in some lines.

About the Author

Robert Sherman Nix III was born only to love yet no one understood his definition of that hopefully those reading his books shall know that love has no bounds except those others place upon you. Robert loves you. 1964; He likes you.

Book Extract

Lord, we’re just friend’s now
Me, and the Girl with the Light Brown Hair
Lord, you chose her name to be Leigh
But you didn’t choose her for me
Lord, I’m not angry, I’m not MAD
Because I know you do nothing bad
You’re full of Wisdom, full of Grace
I’ve a heart of leather, brain of lace
I don’t know for us what’s best
In this game of life and great love quest
But if it’s possible in Your Great Design
I’d love to be together for all time
And if that’s not to be
I’ll stil love her through Eternity
And when that Eternity is all done
Maybe I’ll be ready for you to take me home
And when we get there
I’ll wash your feet with my tear’s
I’ll then wipe them dry with my hair
I’ll ask you say
( While I’m there )
Lord in the New Day
Please bring to Heaven the Girl with the Light Brown Hair.




1 review for Lost Letters to Leigh

  1. Robert Nix (verified owner)

    I really have not read any of the books I HAVE WRITTEN. I don’t know how I made the three I did. I was very ill, having been left unatended by the medicla personell of Scottsboro, Alabaa circa the years I typed them. That does not mean I could not have published some more, by now. Now, ”Lost Letters to Leigh” is very unique in style and I typed it up in Craigmont, Idaho having carried the manuscripts from Alabama and around Idaho and Washington and Oregon, to California then to Tennessee where I typed the third book, ”Letters Labelled Lunacy: Love”. If you read ”Lost Letters to Leigh” even though there is typos or typota (e), then it is one of the fun to read type books, to pronounce the syllables’s’. It is a unique, fun, tounge exercise of a read. Good show’s’. Robert p.s. I still rate it as three stars to be neutral minded. Being neutral minded is a great secret and valuable knowledge that I leave you with. Another bit of knowledge is that we all breathe the same breath.

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