Lost In Unreality


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By William Gregory

ISBN: 978-1-84991-615-8
Published: 2012
Pages: 52
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry

Author Biography

William Gregory was born in London, in 1962. He has spent most of his working life in the print industry. In 2006, following an emotional breakdown, which resulted from bottling up his feelings/emotions for many years. He was diagnosed with psychosis, admitted to hospital & put on medication. Further relapses in 2007 & 2010 resulted in the same action being taken. He has now fully recovered & discovered a talent for writing poetry. Some of which is about his life experiences, including mental ill health, people in his life, places, even ones about his pet kitten & the guitar he owns.

Book Extract

Lost in Unreality

What triggered me to be this way, goes far back into the day
Trauma with me & around, but like a ship I ran aground
When locked emotions deep inside, I could not no longer hide
Anger & grief came rushing out, so that I could scream & shout
At the time I was on my own, in the safety of my home

Thoughts in mind no one could hear, to me, voices very clear
Religion coming on so strong, thoughts of Jesus, was I wrong
Because of these I’m diagnosed, with psychosis, they supposed
The health team brought in & assessed, into hospital, it would be best
Three times now not just the once, hard to prove you’re not a dunce

Medication was to come, fortnightly prick up my bum
My psychologist was brill, giving up his time to kill
Explaining it in simple term, of the cause, I can confirm
Emotions built up over years, hiding all away my tears
Like a pressure cooker blows, all of my emotion goes

Mental health has its drawback, knowledge other people lack
Some can’t see what it’s about, & why we should be let out
We can’t be locked away forever, family need to be together
I should be home with my spouse, spending time inside the house
Enjoying all the things I do, music, tv, the same as you

My girlfriend there to support me, the biggest rock could ever be
I lean on her more than I should, can she cope, yes she could
It was a struggle for sometime, like waiting for a clock to chime
A ticking time bomb I was seen, because of the past that’s been
But I’m much calmer than before, now writing poetry & more

I have to thank those for support, even if in just their thought
They worried about what I’d been through, so I say a big

Thank You…Whoever You Are


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