Little Davey View of Reality



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By Kathleen M. Hill

ISBN: 978-1-84747-4315
Published: 2007
Pages: 267
Key Themes: North American author, empowerment, mental health services, social enterprise, activism


The natural philosophy shared in Little Davey has emanated directly from the authors extensive life experience and gathered knowledge in managing cognitive dissonance due to intrapersonal conflicts, arising directly out of inter personal conflicts. Ms. Hills quest for wisdom and understanding began over half a century ago in an objectified childhood and has extended throughout a life of episodic tragedies by human agency into the present. Little Davey is the summation of her understanding for the concept power as a lifes energy force and a shared human drive, which has historically been deceptively acculturated by ulterior motivation against self empowerment into a societally accepted illusion, generating ignorance of our true nature, thereby producing suffering. Kathleen Hill is presently pursuing certification in law, specifically welfare laws, as a precursor to founding the social enterprise
Peer Legal Counselling and Advocacy.

About the Author

Kathleen is an inspirational figure in the global service usersurvivor movement. Kathleen lives in Canada where she campaigns for human rights and the rights of mental health service users.


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