Listening to the Silences


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In a World of Hearing Voices
By Roy Vincent

ISBN: 9781847477590
Published: 2008
Pages: 713
Key Themes: hearing voices, schizophrenia, spiritual nature, autobiography, self-help, hope


For twenty eight years, I have been experiencing inner voices and physical presences in ways that would normally induce the label schizophrenic, except that I have never been ill from this cause.

This is how it all began:

A presence that I could not see, moved from the space in front of me, into me, and immediately my mind was charged with another voice or provoker of thoughts, thoughts over which, then, I had no control, and which were not initiated by me. In my head began conversation as between two separate people, one of whom was me.
I began to hear voices.

This book is part autobiography, part DIY Manual, and so…

if you are being engulfed in the quicksands of your mind, if you are calling for help in the silence of your mind, if you cannot silence the voices that invade your mind, dominate and torment you, if you are caring for someone who is struggling within the morass that their mind has become.

if you are any of these, then I am writing for you.

About the Author

Born in South Wales, I spent my early years there, apart from four years service in the Royal Navy. In 1950, I graduated from the University of Wales with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and immediately began work at the Sellafield Nuclear Plant, where I spent all of my working life, my most memorable post being as Senior Instrument Engineer in the Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station.

I retired early, and began an entirely new life developing my smallholding, and my interest in horses. Quite by chance, and following a seemingly innocent investigation and an interest in dowsing, a situation developed from which I began to hear voices and experience a wide range of allied phenomena. That was in 1979, and to this day I have never been free from intrusions into my mind, or from intruding presences. YES. INTRUSIONS. Because of what I was doing at the time, and from all that has followed, I have not the smallest shadow of doubt that my experiences result from spiritual intrusion into my mind and body. I have never been ill from this cause, although there have been difficult times.

My purpose in writing is to inform and encourage, yes, to encourage those who are troubled by voices to believe that they can regain control of their minds and thoughts, and to help them to do so.


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