Lionhearted; Poetry and spoken word collection by Aiméè Keenan


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Aiméè Keenan i

ISBN: 978-1-78382-464-9
Published: 2019
Pages: 41
Key Themes: poetry, mental health services, depression, isolation, recovery


This book is a collection of raw poetry and spoken word written in flow state, along with some uplifting quotes along the way! Using raw emotions and coming from a meditative state, the poetry and spoken word takes the wonderings of the mind and rearranges it with resolution and imagination. Inspired by love, nature, spirituality, pain, films and literature, the purpose of the writing is to show the ups and downs; the ying and yang of life. It shows life as opposites: darkness and light, pain and pleasure, love and anger, self-love and doubt; without one you can’t experience the other. The message is of perspective; how one’s approach to life moulds their reality, and patience; there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel, we just need to learn to trust ourselves. It talks about freedom, passion and the need for purpose in life, to live in a state of flow and to believe in oneself. The desire of the author is for the reader to realise their inner power; that we are all ‘enough’ exactly how we are, even though we may be experiencing the darkest pain or hurt, there is always a way out. Being the truest version of ourselves, we deserve to live a life of joy, abundance and happiness.

About the Author

Aiméè Keenan was born and raised in a small village in Northern Ireland, and from a very young age always had a passion for the language and arts. She moved to London in 2015 to pursue her career in Musical Theatre, and trained at the American Musical Theatre Academy of London. After graduating, she spent six months of 2018 performing in a resort in the beautiful Sardinia, where she spent many hours out in nature unlocking her creativity and discovering her true self and message. She began writing by starting her blog, ‘Happiness Lifestyle Hacks’ where she talks about all things personal development, spirituality, creativity and self-love. This became a creative outlet and after some personal and also creative inspiration when returning to London, she began writing in flow and channelling her words and message into poetry and song writing. She has always been a big believer in nature as a vice for self-healing and love, and believes that delving into the inner-self helps with creative expression, as well as creative expression aiding with the self-healing process. It was through a process over some years of discovering spirituality, working on self-love and self-belief that she gained the confidence to share her words and as a result; hopefully some inspiration with the world!

Book Extract

An aria of awakening

We fail to see what’s real and beautiful when we are asleep.
“Closed eyes, She walked, blinded, oblivious to earth’s sweet surprises.
Moments dragged and people passed — Noisy, unkind and dark. Hopeful, she fought her way through the bushes, catching growing glimpses of luminous
light; sensing the sweet scent of love’s light and jubilant joys.
Breaking down the wall of fear’s fierce force,
Out into the silent sea she stepped,
Never looking back to the poisonous pangs of past’s pain-ful persistence.
Into the new mysterious maze of aromatic arias and bliss-ful beauty,
she opened her eyes to the endless aether, awakened, at last, to the freedom of life’s
fruitful forest, the power of present’s path
and those wondrous eyes of endless ecstasy.”
❤Life can surprise you. Joy is often hidden beneath the clouds that try to drown you in pain ❤


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