Like a Fine Piece of China


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By John Ryan

ISBN: 9781849913775
Published: 2010
Pages: 113
Key Themes: poetry, nervous breakdown, positivity


This collection of poems epitomises the journey of a mind experiencing a nervous breakdown.

Deeply felt and to the point, John addresses the specifics of his mental processes from the very start. Yet, particularly towards the end, there are hints of a slow recovery, a distinct sense of a single flame identifying the positive.

About the Author

Six years ago, one day changed John Ryans life for ever. Just another day at work, it seemed, until he was approached from behind by a much younger man, who buggered him with such force that John suffered a complete mental breakdown, which has lasted to this day.

This volume of poems is a detailed description of the journey of that breakdown.

John, is determined to recover that he hopes to begin a Degree at University in September 2010, reading Anthropology and Sociology.
This volume is dedicated to those who suffered with him during his three-time stay in a mental institution.


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