Letters to Leigh



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By Demonmocker/a.k.a Robert Sherman Nix III

ISBN: 9781847473998
Published: 2008
Pages: 398
Key Themes: poetry, love, mental health treatment, autobiographical, letters


Leigh Earle once told me that I should write a book, a comment on my lengthy letters. Yes, yes well someone must suffer. How well would everyone like to read Letters To Leigh which may soothe in a world that is tearing you apart. What is the state of your heart which once may have been so large. Robert Nix has through consequence of chance and circumstance beyond his control lived a life of treasure and desolation and is as of now offering solace to other persons who just cannot figure their life out but cannot let those thoughts from their minds, whatsoever they may be, they are real. Robert Nix offers his soothing poetic experience to you.

About the Author

It may be considered a curious attribute of men and women to express and share their pain. There may be those who do not translate their pain well into modes that others could be accustomed to among the observing public. Pain may be considered to be private and once a person entrust their pain to another persons care there will invariably be mistranslation.

I was happily born on July 21, 1964 from the womb of a woman named Emily Sue Medlock who was married to Robert Sherman Nix, Jr.. I was a child knight. Luna to some is a light.

4 reviews for Letters to Leigh

  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    a great collection of honest and thoughtful poetry, would like to see more work from this author

  2. Robert Nix (verified owner)

    I would like to comment on Letters To Leigh because she is the fairest of the ALL I also am. I, myself, not Robert the name Robert, but within myself that person wrote these things in such a way that they were god or bad but peacefull. I read what I wrote some months later and found no search to proclaim good or bad but the seeking to leave the future unprotected persons a protector and in this I am I, the person within, who said these things in regard for the love of a friend. We are bonded, we are within all family groups, we are the Children of the Gods, may God save us. We are Buddha, we are Muhammad, we are Sikhs, we are Hindus, we are from within beings no one knows but our protectors, those spirits to which we kin. We are the Children of the Gods and persecution is our release, the Moon is our witness, and Heavens are out Court, and the rejected is the accepted, am it not so? This book is well done. Published by the Children of the Gods. Demonmocker.

  3. Robert Nix (verified owner)

    I wrote this volume of letters to the most beautiful friend and it is an extension of myself. I went through life not facing the accusations that were laid against me. I met Leigh and anyone else not in our society might have thought she and I were in a debased condition but it was all so perfect and full of peace.

    When Jason does his books, I wonder if he realizes that everyone are fingering themselves to be abnormal writers and no one cares about these guys who are caring for the uncared. I wonder as people read my letters to Leigh if they see the words or definitions from studies of mental ilness. Everyone is writing about mental illness and talking and studying. Jason is not mentally ill for he just thought he was mentally ill, I do not think Jason is mentally ill, if Jason no longer thinks We all are one step away from the Tricksters reach.

  4. Robert Nix (verified owner)

    I, Robert Nix, think the original letters were an example of me from the inside and that illustrates to others that, on the inside, you are you and you can be beautiful, even if others deny you that. Poetry states something mathematical, unique to the poet in creating, a msuical note using language and the alphabet. Thus, then, poetry is higher math,language,and comprehension and assimilation and production onto paper. Of course, it has to say something poetic, what? This is a very good read. I am not ashamed of it, or myself, or Leigh. It was love at first sight, a bargain, take or leave it. I forgot to ask love for a rain check, but I wrote, you read and enjoy the melodies. I hope to be available for autographs.

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