Letters Labelled Lunacy: Love


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By Demonmocker

ISBN: 978-1-84747-553-4
Published: 2009
Pages: 723
Key Themes: poetry, prose, love, empowerment


Letters Labeled Lunacy: Love is the love story of a young child who took vows early to champion and defend the uncaptioned, the un-cared for and the undefended.

This work carried the function of the imagination into the introduction to the reader that faith and imagination and reason are in better affair than if reason attacks the function of faith and magical thinking.

About the Author

A benevolent and playful spirit, was denied access to education, college, employment, banking and other tiers of society owned by the government including the government, which contributes money to itself at the of other or otherwise not specified sources.

Book Extract

I am disputing and would amend any records or opinion indicating that I had a condition justifying high dosages of anti-psychotics. I am disputing any records or opinion indicating that I had a condition justifying high dosages of anti-psychotics for a extended period of time.

While I not inquired of my mental status, conflict, or condition I was somewhat forced into electroshock and the drug clozaril which is reserved for severe schizophrenics who are suicidal. I was also administered other drugs at that time.

I had been prescribed lithium at 900mg prior to the electroshock and the clozaril, depakote, etc. the psychiatrist’ involved with mountain lakes and Huntsville hospital wrote that I had been unresponsive (right word?) to lithium.

I remained on clozaril, depakote, etc for approximately ten years. These chemicals affect the brain an mental status and tend to give one side effects that mimic the symptoms of schizoaffective disorder which has no clear definition.

I took the chemicals exactly as prescribed until May 13, 2005 the chemicals became toxic and hallucinatory in effect and to my opinion began some damage neurologically as my ear canals or eardrums became as I if there was pressure in them, I could hear myself breathing in my ear’s it seemed and my ear’s began to ‘pop’ as if ones ears ‘pop’ while in a airplane or travelling up a mountain except they do it often with the ‘air pressure sensation building to the ‘pop’ or building top a point and remaining steady in sensation of pressure without ‘popping’ for an shorter or greater length of time.

This happened near the front door of mountain lakes behavioural healthcare who personally came out to observe my state about three times as the morning progressed. I did speak not speak to them at all. The psychiatrist office was about fifteen feet away from where I stood. They did a urine test which I spat tobacco into due to suspicion that they would put something in the specimen to test as a false positive for a drug that I had not taken.

The clozaril experience was somewhat like a LSD experience one might read about in a story. These personnel; rendered no aid into the afternoon which their own records will probably reflect the time I was noticed and the time arrangements were made to go to a hospital except they will probably say that I was hearing voices and the voices were saying things when in fact I did not say the first word to them at all.

I agreed to go to the hospital for dehydration due to being left out in the heat without care.

Once at Grandview Hospital the psychiatrist put me on 900mg lithium plus 20mg of zyprexa. I am certain that mountain lakes wrote up papers to send there saying that I was severely schizoaffective. In any case, he asked me about lithium and other drugs in the past and made those prescriptions.

On return to mountain lakes Dr Jain prescribed geodon, another heavy atypical antipsychotic for no apparent reason and the next visit while discussing how I felt I mentioned that my fingers tingled. She said, ‘’I’m glad you mentioned that because that is a very bad sign’’ and discontinued the geodon immediately. That was in June or July, 2005.

In September my fingertips began tingling and do so this day. I did not make the connection partly because I was devastated that I found trusted personnel mountain lakes disclosing medical information, information that was false, and that this was done with forethought and malice to keep me a client of mountain lakes versus mine and dr. blacks opinion that I attend community college which I approached through part-time work. The Alabama state vo. rehab. Denied me services saying that mountain said I wasn’t taking the chemicals and attending which the records bore out was a 100% false statement due to being monitored by blood test for clozaril for ten year’s and that I had missed three days of a five day a week schedule due to medical appointments

I was quite devastated at this because electroshock and clozaril effectively leaves one without willpower and a invalid of a sort and I suppose a permanent client. So I was terrified of what mountain lakes was up to since I had told five employees of my purpose to go to work and college without being given a reply.


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  1. Robert Nix (verified owner)

    Here is a standing tribute to Chimpunka Publishing for taking on a burden of publishing this book. I typed this book the best I could at the time, wanting to get most of my work published as my affairs were unsudden and unsure. This book is the swing, the heave, another long shot, another blind Robin Hood bullseye attempt, just virtue of becoming published and on record. This book picks up circa 2005 when I was trying to write and had not much to write about. I am just becoming aware of how the locals despised me that I wonder that anyone would not welcome amnesia from electroshocks. That is why the neutral minded thinking attracts less karma. Karma and rebirth and merit is like sin in that what we think brings karma then bulding up to the former position and that takes merit which can be gained from being neutral minded. To explain karma is easy,A song, someone expressing their soul, exposes a person to receive karma as punishment or discipline, a type of asthetics (ism). The spirits attending, the genius, exacts a price or owes that succubi (succubus) a toll, return on that gift,religion is kind of like a push-pull thing like the sun and moon pushing and pulling, push-pull. This book is very accusatory and defensive on my part and I am not saying that it was right is like. Right is like everyone sitting and reading without conflict or debate. What I wrote is almost my ”law” and that is not me exactly. A rhyme has to rhyme and not be a law, can it? Robert

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