Le Chemin De Cycle


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By Fiona Whelpton

French Edition of ‘The Cycle Path’

ISBN: 978-1-84991-717-9
Published: 2011
Pages: 57
Key Themes: conversion syndrome disorder, anxiety, abuse, activism, christianity

“After reading The Cycle Path I came away with a better understanding of the issues sufferers face and of the opportunities.” – Sir Nigel Crisp, Former NHS Chief Executive

“Delightful and full of expression and pathos.” – Sheila Johnson, Christian Herald


The remarkable story of a woman who suffers from and overcomes Conversion Syndrome Disorder (CSD), a rare, crippling and extremely frightening condition which causes physical paralysis bought on by anxiety. This real life story describes how Fiona experienced domestic abuse, family problems and how she managed somehow to overcome all this not knowing for years what her illness was. She is now a successful journalist and activist. The Cycle Path is an admirable story of hope and empowerment and is essential reading for all health workers and sufferers of similar conditions – particularly as CSD is so unknown and widely misunderstood.

About the Author

Fiona Whelpton was born in London in 1957 and now lives in Nottingham. As a youngster Fiona wanted to become a professional musician, but she couldn’t because it caused her too much stress – something that her condition dictates she must avoid. Instead she became interested in writing and read English Literature and Media at Nottingham Trent University. She is an accomplished poet having had an anthology of sketch work and poetry called ‘Patchwork Windows’ published with the Lost Artists group. In 2004 Fiona received the Snowden award for journalism which will allow her to pursue her dream of being a top journalist, she is currently working on several projects including a film version of ‘The Cycle Path’.

Book Extract

Dear Fiona,

I hope you are starting to recover from some of the black-outs and that they have started to subside. Can you remember the first time I saw you? I remember it very well. It had been on the way to work, on the cycle path. I always choose that way, because it is so much quieter than walking up the bridge and along the main road, where it is so noisy at that time in the morning. I love the cycle path in the autumn in particular, there are so many different colours in the leaves as they turn russet, gold, brown and orange. The Pyranthia bushes along the cycle path look wonderful as I cycle past them on a crisp, frosty morning.

It was completely unexpected to find someone lying there. It is so unusual, especially to come across somebody unconscious as you had been that day. The strangest thing about the situation was that the paralysis kept coming and going, and I felt so sorry because you were obviously in a great deal of pain. My job as a doctor is to help people get better or at least cope with pain, but in your case I felt completely useless. My first responsibility, if I couldn’t do anything for you personally, was to get you appropriate medical help. At least your house wasn’t very far away from where you fell. You are incredibly brave, it must be so frightening not to be able to feel anything underfoot. My apologies for suggesting that you might be able to walk to the car. It was completely insensitive.

I hope that by now you are more comfortable, that you have started being able to move around a bit more.

Do let me know, without any hesitation, if there is anything I can do to help you. I will contact you soon.



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