Latent Schisms, Blatant Isms


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Andrew Stephenson

ISBN: 9781849910798

Published: 2010

Pages: 118

Key Themes: poetry, empowerment, positivity, lyrics


For as long as I can remember I have been driven by an inner conflict, the desire to conform on the one hand, the desire to rebel on the other.

My struggle with these polar opposites have led me into conflict with organised religion, a recurring theme in my poetry. My influences include Roger McGough, and Allen Ginsberg. Dark humour features in some poems, yet hopefully I am not cynical, just wise to spurious religions snares.

Perhaps the only place for me where the rebel/conformist conflict can be resolved is at the foot of Christs cross, my reason for living, loving and leaving the past behind.

About the Author

Andrew Stephenson, 48, has been writing poetry for the last twenty years in Epsom. A breakdown in 1981 curtailed his Fine Arts Degree studies in Cheltenham.

Since 1982 he has been living and working back home. A further breakdown in 1990 has led Andrew to focus on writing poetry and songs, rather than painting and drawing. Despite being on medication, he had a part time driving job for over six years.

He currently writes songs, poetry, plays the guitar and sings, and continues his visual art interests. He illustrated the books cover and fills his days as positively as he can.


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