Knock Knock, Whos There?



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By Barbara Goulden Walters

ISBN: 978-184747-596-1
Published: 2008
Pages: 137
Key Themes: societys treatment of mentally ill, care centres, service user mutual support


This is Barbara Gouldens first novel and she hopes it injects a refreshing dose of humour into the serious business of mental illness.

She knows from personal experience what a tremendous support the families and friends of sufferers can be to each other.

But perhaps few people appreciate the help patients and ex patients can also be to one another. Especially those living in the sort of rehabilitation house featured in Knock Knock, Whos There?

The kind of place nobody wants in their neighbourhood….

About the Author

Barbara Goulden has worked as a journalist on weekly and evening newspapers for most of the past 35 years.

She still remembers the sense of relief she felt after finally being given a name for the condition which was creating such mystifying and upsetting thought patterns in a close relative.

Even though the diagnosis of schizophrenia probably helped Barbara more than the relative who was actually doing battle with the illness, at least it was a starting point for gaining some understanding.

She went on to join the National Schizophrenia Fellowship now Rethink and became one of the founding members of the Coventry group.

4 reviews for Knock Knock, Whos There?

  1. Jan Malatesta (verified owner)

    A thought provoking read with an insight into the everyday trials that challenge mentally ill folk in our community,along with their families.I shall never ask such a person,’how are you?’ in the same way again.

  2. Nick Walters (verified owner)

    Written with a real insight and empathy that can only come from someone personally affected by this much misunderstood area of mental health.
    The humour, although often bittersweet, is well-placed in a book with a serious underlying theme.

  3. Jane Stirland (verified owner)

    The author tackles a difficult subject with insight, sensitivity – and lashings of humour! Thoroughly recommended. Can’t wait for the sequel…

  4. Peter Walters. Head of Economic Development (verified owner)

    ‘So often, care in the community exposes the painful chasm between those who have suffered mental illness and the so-called normal community in which they must live. Knock Knock Who’s There? takes this awkward relationship and breathes humour and understanding into it in a way that has been so rarely done. It’s a thoroughly good read too.’

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