Keeley’s Poetry


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By Keeley Prest

ISBN: 978-1-84747-160-4
Published: 2007
Pages: 13
Key Themes: poetry, schizophrenia, depression, emotions, bravery


This a small collection of excellently written and expressive poetry. The subject matter may contain dark subjects such as depression, hearing voices, sadness and loneliness but the use of language and the upbeat tempo of the poetry delivers a message of joy and hope. Through her rhyme Keeley has delved into her inner thoughts and emotions and laid all bare. This book is a brave and honest reflection of her state of mind.

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Book Extract


As the rain falls down my window frame
The tears fall down my face the same.
As the black clouds cover above my head.
I just struggle on through another bad day instead
Not knowing what lies ahead.

I’m feeling useless, I’m feeling bad.
Can’t help thinking about the hard times I’ve had.
Can’t stop taking it out on people that care.
I feel like I have nothing to give, nothing is there.
Apart from inside, that has been stripped bare.

As the busy world passes by.
I can’t carry on I just want to be free and fly.
I sadly close my eyes and go to bed.
Not knowing what tomorrow will bring or what will lie ahead!!


When my body has had enough it will tell me.
When my mind’s had enough it will show me.
You get what you’re given for a body and it’s all free
It does not matter if that’s not how you want it to be.
Because there is no such thing as normal you see!!

Well, I don’t know what’s harder – the mental or the physical health.
Or just feeling like you’re on the ‘no-good’ shelf.
I keep saying I wish I could just have a normal life.
But all I mean is a life without strife.
I do keep trying struggling on the best I can.
But I feel like I need the strength of a 30 stone man.

So don’t let anyone tell you life is normal cause there is no such word.
If there was, I am sure by now I would have heard.
So everyone has their ways with life or getting through!
But never forget you’re not alone, there are others just like me and you too!!!



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