Kama Sutra of Love



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By Durlabh Singh

ISBN: 9781847474117
Published: 2008
Pages: 219
Key Themes: breakdown, depression, love, human nature, myth, history,


This collection of short stories shows a rear glimpse into human nature with its beauty, ugliness and sufferings. These cover a variety of topics life, love, dejection, horror and humour. Confronting despair with courage may lead to its transcendence. Tales of high literary value and entertainment. These will be enjoyed by variety of people.

About the Author

Durlabh Singh is a writer and an artist based in
London, England.

He has been published widely in over 300 publications

His other publications include:
Chrome Red – Collected Poems.
Spaces of Heart – Illustrated Verse.
Kama Sutra of Love – Collections of Short Stories
Keeper of Reflections Other Stories.
In The Days of Love – Novel.

Throughout his life, he had to struggle against the odds. Having lost his father at very early age, he had to take up the role of head of family, being the only male member in the household. Facing all the injustices of Indian social class system where he had to provide big dowries for marrying his sisters and getting into debts.

The things took turn for worse when he came to England, as extreme racism was rampant there when he was constantly ridiculed and set upon by gangs of youths. Landlords refused to rent him even a room and shopkeepers refused to serve. He was subject to racial taunts in streets and at work. He suffered number of physical attacks and partially lost sight of an eye as he was beaten in a busy London street. That constant harassment eventually resulted in acute depression and a mental breakdown and as a result he was admitted to a mental hospital.

He took up painting and writing as a therapy and developed these arts where he could find easier to breath from constant atmosphere of suffocation. It helped him to survive and keep his mental balance, in finding transcendence and wider fields of human creativity. People suffering from mental distress may find some solace in his works.


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