Journey to Somewhere


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A Glimpse of Depression in Rhyme
By Becky Barrett

ISBN: 978-1-84747-042-3
Published: 2006
Pages: 39
Key Themes: poetry, young woman, depression, social enterprise, determination, activism


‘Journey to Somewhere Else’ is a moving insight into one young woman’s intense episode of depression. A series of poems highlight the many differing emotions that those with depression experience. Through her journey, Becky shares her ups and downs, confusion, despair, love and hope so that others may know they’re not alone, so we can raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Royalties from the sale of this book will go to MadForChange, a project working to reduce isolation for those with mental illness.

About the Author

Two life changing experiences have led me to the School for Social Entrpreneurs (SSE) where I am working to launch a charitable organisation called MadforChange. The first was the opportunity to work alongside SSE fellow, Alastair Wilson, on his project ‘homelessdirect’. Here, I learnt about the struggles small voluntary organisations face in an effort to compete with large national charities to secure their future and how valuable the marketing and fundraising support we were offering was to them. Homelessdirect gave small, local projects a national presence and voice that they could tap into and use to benefit their work in the community. We gave them, and the public, the confidence of a strong brand identity without jeopardising projects’ own identities and community spirit.

The second was being struck by depression, something I thought happened only to other people. I struggled through with support from my family, friends and a counsellor but realised a long way down the line that there were support groups just round the corner from me that, had I known about them, might have helped make the journey a little easier. Not able to venture out, I relied heavily on the internet for information and support but again, small projects are struggling to compete with large national charities for our attention.

So, I am developing MadforChange in an effort to change the outlook for local projects who simply don’t have the resources to promote themselves and fundraise efficiently in such a competitive world. Importantly though, MadforChange will provide those suffering from mild forms of mental illness with a quick and easy way of finding out about support available to them locally and will mean a speedier recovery for many.

Book Extract


With fragile heart
And tortured soul
I’m holding on
To what I know

For now it’s with
The time I’ll bide
Unclear how green
The other side

With angst I dream
Of what might be
If ever, I decide to flee

To lose myself
In a mindful search
Of self fulfilment
And an inner church

Beneath my guardian
Angel’s wing
I’d fly
And from my heart, I’d sing

My playful soul
Would be released
My heart and mind
At last at peace

So now it’s just
For time I wait
As I sit and wonder
What be my fate


I used to have a bubble
To shield me from my fears
Protect me from my enemies
As I drifted through my years

Too much still I’d worry
And too much still I’d do
But at least I had my bubble
The world could not get through

My fragile shield grew with me
As I continued to explore
Til pressure to avoid failure
Meant my bubble was no more

So vulnerable without it
I’m falling to the ground
Trying to get from A to B
But going round and round

I need a lift, a new defence
So me I can just be
And be assured if all else fails
My bubble’s there for me



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