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By Carolyn Williams

ISBN: 978-1-78382-6247
Published: 2022
Pages: 79
Key Themes: Empowerment, relationships


It always starts with you.

There is a story in each of us. In this book you will learn more than a dozen powerful ways of standing up and telling your story. Conversations that matter help us share our knowledge. The ripple effect, our energy is our contribution uncovering new opportunities for action. Many of these little right actions free us from being stuck to becoming unstoppable.

Work on you for you. Become confident. Become unstoppable.

Work on you for you is the right action to unlock the powerful you. Believing in you and cheering for yourself is a daily practice. Let go of outdated and old habits that is a must. There are work pages for you to write down your answers and plans. There is a strong call to action for those of you ready to laugh, learn and launch yourself into a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Conversation is action, its the wellspring from which relationships and trust are generated and informed decisions grow.

Improving our listening skills gives us the confidence to ask better questions. We want to talk together about things that matter to us. This is what gives satisfaction and meaning to life. As we talk together we are able to access a greater wisdom that is found only in the collective around questions that matter. We can restore hope to the future.

Feeling this affirmation Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, I went after my dream and launched The Carolyn Williams Show.
My purpose is to host conversations that touch the heart of what a human being or being human means. Cherishing and including diverse voices.
Never be afraid to do whats right. Stand up, be real and more importantly speak up for what you believe in.

Success is a result of loving what you do. You can create your future by connecting with your true self within.

Do more of what makes you happy and do little things that make you happy every day.

Trust that when you live by truth in service to others, people will be inspired to do the same.

Improving your life and making a difference has never been so much fun.
My show encourages interesting people to join me for a cafe style conversation. I dive deeper into these conversations when we develop a deeper understanding of who we are as we explore each story.

About the Author

The Carolyn Williams Show and Carolyn Williams Global Sparks Founder and Host

Showcasing people from all over the Globe who inspire you to inspire others

Serial Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Speak to Inspire, a graduate speaker from London Real Academy.

At the start of the pandemic The Carolyn Williams Show was launched 2020. Two years later the Carolyn Williams Global Sparks was created. These global sparks are a group of professionals and entrepreneurs who support newcomers and start ups develop their brands and ideas.

There is nothing Carolyn loves more than helping you find your voice. Blessed with a natural ability to see the potential you cant see within yourself.


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