I Was an Elvis Impersonator


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By Aubrey Malone

ISBN: 978-1-78382-191-4
Published: 2015
Pages: 234
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It was 1965 and my hormones were going crazy.

A country boy from Memphis with ducktails and a quiff was whipping up a storm in the U.S. and my small town in County Mayo was picking up some of the slack 3000 miles away. It was wild music, the birth of the blues, and it sounded the death knell of a grey decade.

I was hooked as soon as I heard it. I went up to my bedroom each day and moved to his rhythms, holding a torch in my hand that doubled as a
microphone. I sang my guts out in front of the mirror, making sure the house was empty first or the law might have been called for. I read
everything I could about the baby faced rocker who threw all kinds of shapes when he sang. He was shy too, which added to his allure.

Why do you move so much when you sing. they asked him.

I cant sing it unless I feel it, he told them, and I cant feel it unless I move to it.

His name was Elvis Presley.

About the Author

I Was an Elvis Impersonator is Aubrey Malones third book to be published with Chipmunka, it follows The Foggy Ruins of Time and A Window To The World . He lives in Dublin.


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