I, War


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A Novel
By M M Johns

ISBN: 9781849914222
Published: 2011
Pages: 357
Key Themes: fiction, crime, thriller depression


I, War is crime thriller which initially follows the actions of an assassin as he fulfils a contract to remove the heads of an established crime organisation in the UK. He is working for the head of a Russian crime movement who holds a grudge against the now retired head of the UK organisation. The first part of the story is about the assassinations and the involvement of James Hawk and his friends to protect the family. The story moves across the UK and Europe. At the same time a police task force is involved, working on information of a deep cover agent in the Ukraine, to prevent a massive influx of drugs and arms. The story moves to the Ukraine as it follows the efforts of the agent to escape and the moves by the main character to eliminate the threat posed by the head of the organisation. The action is fast paced and developed with skillfully interwoven plot and sub plots.

About the Author

Born in Stirling, Scotland in 1949, M M Johns was educated in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Scotland. He served in the British South Africa Police prior to joining the British Army for nine years. After working in the UK for several years he returned to South Africa where he worked as a Security Consultant in Loss Prevention for corporate clients. He returned to the UK 13 years ago to work in the Hospitality Industry. After struggling with Anxiety and Depression for two years he was forced to stop working. During the time he was under treatment for his depression M M Johns started to write. He wanted to try and help others understand the processes within depression and anxiety and found the process cathartic. His first book, an autobiography about the illness, A Cheerful Depression, was published in 2009. He has gone on to write his first fiction novel, I, War, which is to be the first in a series of four novels. M M Johns believes strongly that the diagnosis of Depression and Anxiety made him re-evaluate his life and placed him on a different career path, that of writing. He currently lives in Scotland and is learning to manage his depression and move forward rebuilding his life.


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