I Go From Bad to Verse


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By Donna S. Rubin

ISBN: 978-1-84747-180-2
Published: 2007
Pages: 93
Key Themes: poetry, manic depression, bi-polar disorder, humour, self-harm, North American author


I have written a book, but its not the usual kind of I have got this disorder, this is how I deal. My book is funny and it rhymes. I think it helps people. Those I have shared it with said its made it easier to understand the illness without making it obvious that that is what I am doing. I rhyme a lot, make fun of psychiatry and talk about the hospital as an imperfect place that does not promise a cure, but does the best it can. I make fun of the food, my own doctor, and talk about friends I have made, and lost. My last poem talks about self injury, which to some people might be disturbing, but it is a part of my illness, so I write about it.

I Go from Bad to Verse is not like any other book, it makes my story approachable, in between readable verses, I explain how I came to write each poem. I think anyone can pick it up and grasp what someone with a chronic illness goes through. Just because an illness is a mental one should not stop it from being understandable and have people relate to it. Donna S. Rubin

About the Author

Donna S. Rubin is 48 and lives in a suburb of New York City. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder approximately 12 years ago and her poetry reflects issues dealing with having a mental illness. She is a college graduate and even though she was not diagnosed in college, in retrospect she went through a major depression in her freshman year.


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