How We Survived Our Difficult Child and Learned to Thrive


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By Freda Malian

ISBN: 9781847479419
Published: 2009
Pages: 242
Key Themes: undiagnosed disorder, ADHD, family, relationships


This is the true story of Ben, who has an undiagnosed disorder, which manifests itself in unpredictable behaviour. It is told by Freda Malian, a practising psychotherapist for over 30 years, with the help of her husband, various relatives and friends.
The book illustrates in chronological order their mammoth struggle from Bens birth to the present, 35 years on. In it, Freda shares how she and her husband survived many years of turmoil and suffering, learning so much about their dark sides and how they discovered their untapped strength and stamina. On their journey with their son they often sought professional help. They never abandoned Ben because they loved him and he was their son forever. In some strange way he became the glue that bound them and they are grateful to him for all he has taught them.

Freda Malians intention in chronicling Bens story is to provide insight and hope to both parents and professionals by offering a unique, reflective account of her struggle to understand her son who does not fit the norm but who nonetheless has deserved her loving attention.

About the Author

Freda Malian is a wife, mother, grandmother and practising psychotherapist. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her grandchildren, walking either alone or with friends, singing, reading and hanging upside down in a Pilates studio.


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