How to run Our Planet


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How To Run Our Planet

Edward K Penny

ISBN: 978-1-78382-365-9
Published: 2017
Pages: 15
Key Themes: Schizophrenic Spirituality


Think… what would you do if you were somehow put in charge of planet Earth? This book is Edward K Penny’s answer to that thought experiment. Basically, his answer is that he’d improve it but do so in a way that’s attainable (but maybe not in one life time) and that considers many things such as veganism, patriarchy, and aliens! In this book he sketches out a simple program for the improvement of our planet. This book is very much the fruit of its author’s mental health issues!

About the Author

Edward was born on the Greek island of Rhodes and resides in a small town in Yorkshire. When he was at university a strange entity started communicating with him which (after much drama) lead to him being diagnosed as having schizophrenia, even though he has never heard voices. In his first book Butterfly and Me: A Schizophrenic Spirituality he describes his breakdown and subsequent illness.

Book Extract

I enjoy making things better. This book is my contribution to the improvement of planet Earth, to be done in the interest of all Earthlings. In it I formulate a program for the improvement of our planet that I will refer to as The Program.
Before we begin, here’s a thought experiment: you somehow end up in charge of planet Earth, with a degree of popular legitimacy. The question is: What do you do? For me, I’d set out to improve it and once it was improved to my satisfaction I’d resign. How exactly would I improve it? Well, I tell how in this book!
I approach the improvement of Planet Earth from a particular religious perspective but I believe The Program will make sense to many who are non-religious and that it can be separated from the reli-gious beliefs that lead to it.


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