Horrid Jokes


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By Alexander Galica

ISBN: 978-1-78382-262-1
Published: 2016
Pages: 24
Key Themes: Mental Health, Jokes, Humour, Illustration

Book Extract

The Poisonous Fish

If you see a poisonous fish,
do not look at it,
do not step inn-it,
do not go near it, leave it alone,
do not try and eat it,
do not try to sit next to it,
do not go soppy on it & try and kiss it,
do not French kiss it,
do not try and chat it up or be its friend,
show it no mercy,
for your shall receive none,
do not film it, or snap it or try and put it in your family album,
do not tell everyone about it,
keep your mouth shut,
and whatever you don’t look at it,
and don’t step inn-it!


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