Hope for ALL


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By Author Gary Thickett

ISBN: 978-1-78382-6766
Published: 2023
Pages: 20


Others who read this may find morsels that get them to the next day. Because the effort to do this is sometimes immense People suffer this and a whole lot worse. But if just one person for one day gets something to fight on with, I will be happy. Every day, every waking moment is mostly consumed by the legacy off my illness. The tide is against you, Stigma, work issues, residue of bad medication. Over coming this, can be overwhelming, Just keep trying. I have my family, though family life is tough at times. My kids are progressing, I do voluntary outdoor work, the outdoors is helpful.

My diagnosis is bi polar, I had treatment in 1989 for alcohol abuse, Over the years I have had many kinds of treatment, though have often felt I am drug sensitive, without meds I would not be here today. But some meds have quite horrendous drawback. The drug industry is a huge money concern, driven by huge profits in April 2011 I am off long
term meds but still take lorazepam and olanzapine if required. But only if absolutely nothing else will help. Vigorous exercise, healthy diet and a constant effort to think differently about my world, All have a positive benefit, Yes the will help trust me ,try, try, Do not stop trying. Memory issues are bad. This could be due to many things including age.


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