Hitlers Fahnenfluchtige


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Lars G Petersson

ISBN: 978-1-84991-795-7
Published: 2012
Pages: 192
Key Themes: World War II, Hitler, SS, Military, Army, History


Over 20 000 deserters and war resisters paid the ultimate price at the hands of Hitlers brutal war judges and executioners, thousands of others died in prison camps and penal battalions.
Even for those who escaped death, life was never the same. Tormented by their memories of indescribable mental and physical abuse, those who once refused to serve the Nazis had to live as pariahs, scorned by a society that professed to hate the regime they had actively opposed. In contrast, their judges, masters of unbelievable draconian sentences, thrived in post war Germany and beyond as honoured men in prestigious positions.
Deserters is the story of this incredible injustice. It is the disturbing story of what happened to those who refused to fight for the Third Reich, and – even more disturbing it is the story of an international community that has turned its back on them

About the Author

Lars G Petersson is a 60 year old Swedish born Londoner, mental health nurse, activist and free lance writer with special interest in peace, mental health, social justice and human rights.


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