Helter Skelter


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Diary of an Autistic Adventurer

By Nicholas Robinson

ISBN: 978-1-78382-137-2
Published: 2014
Pages: 180
Key Themes: Mental Health, Autism, Diary, Adventure, Illustration


“Only those with the purest blood can drink from the cup
to make their Heart whole again”

‘Helter Skelter’ continues from were Nicholas’ first book ‘The Spiral
Staircase’ finishes and goes into more detail of the daily life of Nicholas
Robinson and his adventures. The book is a four month diary that starts
on 27th August 2013 through to 1st January 2014. ‘Helter Skelter’ is an
exciting new look at austism through the eyes of Nicholas Robinson as he
records the highs and lows of life with adult ADHD, Asperger syndrome
and major depression.

The book also includes ‘The Return of the Great Spa of Aurora’ for a whole
set of new therapy treatment. ‘The Great Spa of Aurora’ is part of the
‘Garden of Aurora’ and is Nicholas’ fictional sanctuary that he enjoys
visiting. Be prepared for lots of Bright Colours in Nicholas’ drawings and
lots of imagination in ‘The Return to the Great Spa of Aurora.’

Book Extract

25th September 2013

I was crying this afternoon as I was upset that the Open Water Swimming season is coming to an end. The Open Water swimming season is from April to September. There has been talk about extending the swimming season at Queen Dock, Liverpool to October 2013. But it is the same every year once we have the first frost the Open Water swimming sessions come to a close due to the water being too cold to swim in. unofficially we do polar Bear swimming in the Winter months and winter open water swimming is a lot of Fun. When you get into really cold water in January you get an invigorating surge of adrenalin which goes through your whole body. This evening I started work on my next drawing for the Great Spa of Aurora which is American Wild West Steam Locomotive from 1876. The carriage in the drawing will be the relaxation suite where I had been placed from being in the Intensive Relaxation Suite which closely resembled an Intensive care unit in a Hospital setting. For supper I had Prawn cocktail crisps and a Glass of Tizer pop and some chocolate after eating the prawn cocktail crisps.

26th September 2013

I arrived at Beau-tea rooms in Bromborough on the Wirral for 3:40pm. The Beau-tea room is a Beauty Salon that does my toenails for me and while I waited I looked at the pictures in a travelling Magazine. At 4pm the therapist ushered me into the Beauty parlour and then I took a seat in a nice comfy lounge chair and then the Therapist let my feet have a soak in a portable foot spa. Then the therapist took each of my feet in turn and cleaned and polished my toenails. After polishing my toenails the therapist asked me what colour I would like to have my toenails painted. I decided to go for a metallic Blue. The therapist coloured my toenails for me and then made a coffee for me and I drank my coffee and looked at the Holiday magazine while my Toenails dry. In the holiday magazine was 10 page spread about going on Holiday to Japan. I would love to go to Japan for a holiday and I would visit the City of Kyoto and take a photograph of a maiko which is an Apprentice Geisha. I would also try the Japanese hot Bath’s which are called Onsen.

27th September 2013

Me and Lee had tea and then in the evening I set to work drawing a new picture of me Returning to the Great Spa of Aurora. The drawing I am working on is the Spa of Aurora Train station and then Train was a Locomotive from the American Wild West around about 1876. I draw the drawing in Pencil and then I go over Pencil drawing with Black Ink and then I add the Colour.

I like using Crayola wax crayons and coloured felt tips and coloured pencils. My favourite is using wax crayons and I use very Bright colours to make my drawings stand out. I finished the pencil sketch of the Spa of Aurora Train Station and then I had a shower for 9pm at night and then got changed into my Night Shirt and put my Blue dressing Gown on and my Red and White spotty Chef Hat on and then snuggled up on my Bed with Herbert my Toy T-rex and watched the Japanese Samurai Movie 13 Assassins. I had my medicine at 10pm and it relaxes me quite a lot and within half an hour I am fast a sleep with Herbert my cuddly Toy T-rex Dinosaur.

28th September 2013

When I got up 9:30am I saw that my bedroom was a mess and needed cleaning up and I had stuff all over the floor. First I started by having a Shower, brushed my teeth, and washed my glasses that I wear because my eye sight is not very good. After I had a shower I made my way to the kitchen and I had a filtered coffee and two round of toast. Once I had breakfast and took my morning medicine I then set to work cleaning my Bedroom. I washed my ornaments in my room in Bucket of hot soapy water with Stardrops liquid, I have two shelves in my bedroom. The first shelve has three ornamental Geisha about 15” high and are very Beautiful. My second shelve has a Lego unfinished technic crane and cuddly toys. On my walls in my Bedroom I have two Danelectro Guitars and have a 26” LCD television mounted on the Wall. Once I had cleaned my room I then washed my Car and made sure it was beautiful cleaned inside and out. For Tea I had oven baked Pizza with pepperoni which I really enjoyed eating, Lee my brother had 2 turkey burgers and oven chips with a cup of Tea.


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