Guilt, Shame and Poverty: Love, Loss, Betrayal


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A Collection of Short Stories
By Shane Leah

ISBN: 9781849913966
Published: 2011
Pages: 132
Key Themes: short stories, prose, fiction, mental health


Shame, well, he does not realize how tough it is to be a dad. These words reverberate around Shane Leahs head like a the sound of an atom bomb going off in his back garden. Shaken by the possibility of him becoming a father for the third time, he goes to pieces and tears down the metaphorical walls that surround him as he searches for the answer to the same problem that he posed himself as a teenager, How can i possibly survive this? Survival is assured as he leaves the family home to delve deep into his psyche but will he ever come back? Can he love this child? Or will he beat the babe over the head, treat the news as lies and forever be manipulated by his partner, family and friends?

The Devil himself has at least a hand in this… and he is Victor…


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