Growing Stronger, Growing Free


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By Reaching survivors of sexual abuse

ISBN: 978-1-84991-876-3
Published: 2012
Pages: 202
Key Themes: Mental Health, Recovery, Healing, Sexual Abuse, Group Recovery


In this our 2nd group book we have come together once again to share what it takes to survive. Not only to survive, but to go on and overcome the many obstacles in our path as we live our daily lives.

With the same honesty & poignancy as Silent No More the vast majority of the words on these pages come directly from the hearts of those who are living with the legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse. However as we know abuse can come in many forms, some have suffered in other ways and some write from the perspective of being the loved one of a survivor. No matter what the reason is that we each chose to put pen to paper… we share a common goal which is healing. This is not a quick fix book of solutions, I wish we could all have one of those. Healing is a journey which stretches out ahead of you, even when you have done some journeying I believe there is still more that can be done.

In this book you will find poetry, blog extracts, art work and more. This book is bursting with hope for healing and how we ourselves are finding healing made possible. We sincerely hope this book will inspire you to follow your own healing path… the pathway to Growing Stronger, Growing Free.

About the Author

Growing Stronger, Growing Free is a follow up book from R.S.O.S.A or Reaching Survivors of Sexual Abuse . The R.S.O.S.A Group is one part of what the charity This Tangled Web does to support survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The group is situated on the social networking site Facebook . It is open to both survivors and active supporters of survivors such as like-minded organizations. The group is managed by a team of people with varying life or professional experience of the subject matter. In September 2011 R.S.O.S.A celebrated the launch of our first group book titled Silent No More . This is an amazing book with the work of 93 survivors included. A key part of our group is to help survivors to find their voice after enduring what are often years of silent torture. Because a large part of our work is internet based we have been able to reach out to survivors across the world. We find that survivors no matter where in the world they are, struggle with common issues. Using the internet we can support each other and break down the isolation. We are very proud of Silent No More and now this its follow up book Growing Stronger, Growing Free .


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