Graffiti Noir


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By Suzannah Knight

ISBN: 1-84747-134-X
Published: 2007
Pages: 16
Key Themes: stage play, poverty, relationships, family, sex, betrayal


A young orphan girl called Maxine, lives trapped in poverty with Tony, an older man. One day they visit their local pub where they meet a wealthy gentleman called Steiny. Steiny propositions Tony into prostituting Maxine to him. Tony forces Maxine to go with Steiny, who in turn asks Maxine to become his mistress and leave Tony. The short ends with a twist when Maxine discovers her locket and Steinys signet ring coats of arms match and she discovers the identity of her father.

About the Author

Suzannah studied Media at Teesside University, where she enjoyed the script writing modules. This led her to taking her dissertation in script writing. She then went onto take her UCPD 1 and 2 in screen writing with Northern film and media.

Book Extract


MAXINE is a 25 year old, thin, blonde, beautiful, long haired woman, she is in her bedroom looking through an old jewellery box on her dressing table. The room is decorated with photos of Maxine on the walls. Maxine pulls a locket from the jewellery box and looks at it carefully. On the front is a coat of arms. She opens it up and inside is a picture of a young man and woman. The pictures are old and faded.

TONY, a forty five year old artist ragged with the face of an alcoholic and smoker, comes into the room. Maxine is putting on her chain and locket.

Come on darling you must be ready by now.

Nearly, I’m just fixing my jewellery and makeup.

You look nice. Here let me help you with that… (Tony whistles.) Nice locket and chain. I bet that’s worth a bob or two. We could pawn it to help out a bit.

No way, it’s the only thing I’ve got.
(Maxine looks at a photograph of a woman on top of the mantelpiece and her face softens.)

TONY (Looks at the locket greedily.)
It’s a fancy coat of arms. Whose is it?
Never mind. Anyway aren’t we in a hurry.

Tony fastens the necklace around Maxine’s neck.


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