Glimpses of Life


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The Commuters Companion
By Georgina Wakefield

ISBN: 9781849912303
Published: 2010
Pages: 146
Key Themes: poetry, schizophrenia, empowerment


Georgina Wakefield wrote this book immediately after completing her first book Schizophrenia A Mothers Story which charts her youngest sons 19 year battle with Paranoid Schizophrenia. The book consists of 61 her age Glimpses Of Life . Like life sometimes tragic, sometimes funny Georgina feels that the short stories fit in with the pace of life today. We often complain that we do not have time to read but this book could be read on a train journey hence The Commuters Companion.

About the Author

Georgina Wakefield was born in Chelmsford Essex, 1947, she has suffered from anxiety based manic depression for the best part of her adult life, she is also a carer to her youngest son Christian aged 36, Christian developed Schizophrenia at the age of 16.

Her passion lies in writing and using her books and 8 films that the family have taken part in to deliver The Carers Perspective.

She works for several NHS Trusts and Universities, and was recently given Honorary Lecturer status at the Institute Of Psychiatry .


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