Geoffrey Bumble and Friends


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By Lee Pritchett

ISBN: 978-1-84991-703-2
Published: 2012
Pages: 91
Key Themes: Short Stories, Children’s Literature, Illustration, Fantasy, Adventure


‘Geoffrey Bumble and Friends’ is the second sequel to ‘The Tale of Greta Gumboot and Other Stories’, a collection of illustrated children’s magical adventure stories about boys, girls, wizards, witches, dragons, goblins, talking animals and more. The book contains sequel stories to a number of those in the first two books, but is also written with new readers in mind, so everyone can enjoy it. The tales are set in strange and wonderful worlds, sparkling with magic. There’s also a selection of brand new rhyming stories in the collection. There’s even a new Epheline Story. In case you don’t remember, He’s a very magical animal who is part cat, part elephant, particularly cute, furry and purple as they come. The tales make great bedtime stories for kids. The book is aimed at boys and girls ranging in age from 5 to 8, although younger children can still enjoy being read to from the book and some older may like it too. There’s plenty of fun and adventures for any child.

About the Author

Lee Pritchett was born in March 1986, on the Isle of Wight. He went to school there and then proceeded to study IT at college. He has since lost interest in IT (Except for writing and illustrating uses and his website of course) and at the age of twenty he wrote a children’s story based on a family member for a bit of fun called ‘The Tale of Hammy Telling and His Little Telling Tummy’. With this, the first children’s story he’d written in his adult life coming in the short list of the Academy of Children’s Writers competition, he decided to study with them, with the aim of becoming a successful and respected writer of children’s literature. He now has three published collections of children’s stories and one published children’s joke book, all both written and illustrated by him.

Book Extract

Mr Bumble and Wilfred set out into the frozen forest. The bee buzzed closely behind,
still a little dazed. They were searching for a special squirrel, by the name of Julius
Beetroot. Luckily after a good hour of searching, they found him. He was sunbathing
on a rock by a little frozen duck pond.

“Woof.” said Wilfred. Julius didn’t seem to have noticed them. He also seemed quite
unaware of the cold.

“That’s right,” Mr Bumble shivered. “I wouldn’t have thought it myself.”

Julius took off his sunglasses.

“Dear Geoffrey,” he said, in his deep and hearty voice, “I believe you have a favour
to ask me?”

“Um – yes” said Geoffrey. He was a little taken aback. “This bee…”

“Woof,” added Wilfred.

“Ok, Wilfred,” said Mr Bumble, sternly, “I’m telling him.”

“Grrr-mmmmmmm,” said Wilfred, moodily.

“As I was saying, this bee has lost his voice and is a little out of sorts.

Myself and
Greta have been so far unable to find the cause. A most powerful healing tonic was
able to restore some of his flying ability but that is all.”


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