Gary Ruddick Poems


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By Gary Michael Ruddick

ISBN: 978-1-84847-143-7
Published: 2007
Pages: 146
Key Themes: poetry, letters, relationships, institutions, mental illness, courage



This large collection of poems and sonnets is just a sample of what Gary has written over the years. Many of the pieces presented here are in the form of letters, often written to loved ones. For many years Gary has languished in hospitals and this has been his only form of communication. Charmingly haphazard and remarkably honest, this is a collection of poems that will really challenge your preconceptions of someone who has spent a long time in institutions.

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Book Extract


Watching the night turn into the day with a certain amount of anticipation,
Trying to focus on your words of concern yet the tiredness has taken hold and vie lost my thought of concentration,
Thinking that I could survive without any sleep, music and telly my only form of relaxation,
Days and nights gone by all I sense now is confusion,
Looking at the walls wondering is this all part of a self induced hallucination, it seems as if my reality has turned into a nightmare and you’re really the devil and in my mind you’re real so I guess your human,
Looking into the mirror I see only myself so it has to be a delusion,
Turning on the radio I can pick up on any secret message it’s a magical way of communication,
No one knows I understand that’s its why it has its weird kind of fascination,
Your mind pleading for sleep yet you search for a higher elation,
All sensibility long gone as you on the verge of exhaustion,
Everyone telling you to rest yet you take no heed of his or her caution,
Your mind is awake yet your body now is moving in slow motion,
Every sound seems like an explosion,
Everybody seems to making some sort of commotion,
People pleading with you to take some form of light sedation,
In your mind you think that every thing you read is a revelation,
For others you lose touch with their feelings and you have no consideration,
Desperately those that care urges you to take a higher do of medication,
Silently you reach the point where all you sense is frustration,
For in your deluded mind their all pointing the finger and you wait in disbelief and anticipation,
Waiting for the next song to further your muddled education,
Thinking coffee and tea will help you beat off this sleep deprivation,

Looking for the natural high this time you’re searching for a natural spiritual elevation,
For far too long you have been held down and force-fed intramuscular medication,
It runs through your body and feels like corrosion,
They say they care and it’s their way of devotion,
As long as they get paid for giving you some form of pill or potion,
You are now void of any form of feelings or emotion,
Funny how if some of you stood up and spoke your mind you would not find yourself in certain situation,
The frame of mind I’m in today is not due to care and medication,
It comes down my own self-satisfaction,
I only wish you had the same kind of education,
Instead of your text book illustration,
Another poem for cross-examination,
It’s deeper with you though professor as it’s a verbal conversation,
Who knows with your pen and paper you may one day change the mental health for the future generation,
I just hope you don’t get confused and suffer any form of sleep deprivation,
As it’s not a very nice sensation,
And that’s the truth it’s a first class education its all to with self-preservation.




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