Fun Rhyming Poetry


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By Kevin Shepherd

ISBN: 978-1-84991-736-0
Published: 2012
Pages: 56
Key Themes: mental health, poetry, empowerment


The poems in this book are my own poems that I have written myself. They all rhyme in every verse. When I started writing poems at first they had four verses, then five and then six. I think they have improved over the years.
At first I wrote poetry for my friends and they said how good they were. Some of my friends asked me to write a poem about them and people still ask for one these days. Some of my poems are novelties like the one about Night or another about Tea and Coffee
It is fun to write them down.

About the Author

Kevin Shepherd began writing his first poem at school when he was twelve years old he is now fifty five years old.

When his mother died he started to write poems properly. Now he writes one every other week. He has written poems for nearly all his friends. Actually he wrote a poem for the Mayor of Rochdale. Kevins photograph was on the front page of the Rochdale Observer, with his friends praising him and the Mayor of Rochdale. I think that made him keener than ever.

He has written over fifty poems altogether and has made friends this way. One of Kevins friends, Basil says he has a collection of about sixteen poems that Kevin has written and when he is sad they cheer him up and they make him laugh.
Kevin said that when he was in Rochdale Infirmary on two occasions that he could not have done without his poetry and essays that he wrote sat up in his bed. He wrote poems for the nurses. A nurse asked him to write her a poem about Queenie her black horse. She read it and cried.

In fact the Mayor of Rochdale cried over his poem and so did Kevins niece over one of his poems.

Kevin says his poems are nice to write and the finished article gives him a feeling of achievement.


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