From The Ashes I Will Rise


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By Marguerite Leathley

ISBN: 978-1-84991-902-9
Published: 2012
Pages: 140
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Positivety, Recovery, Healing


‘From The Ashes I will Rise, The Personal Prophecy’ is a collection of the poetic works written by Marguerite Leathley whilst embarking through a journey through Mental illnesses and her recovery from them. The book demonstrates how wielding a creative method of expression can help open up the higher self and the positive thinking required for control over your own future. The book includes Marguerite’s own journey and how the method can be applied to assist anybody. Many Thanks to artist Deremyre Heather John for the voluntary contribution of the art work on the front cover.

About the Author

Marguerite Josephine Leathley (alias Phoenix Indigoheart) is a writer and poet and light Worker from the heart of South Wales. She was born in 1988 in Warrington and began writing poetry at a very young age. Marguerite has battled with mental illness throughout her life but has discovered escapism and wisdom through writing Poetry, firmly following the creative path to self-discovery and healing. She eventually found salvation and harmony through Spirituality in conjunction with her poetry. She is continuing her academic studies of Psychology and experience in working in mental health but is embarking on professional healing training and pursuing her ambition to help assist others towards conscious awakening and publishing her work.

Book Extract


Daring new Dimensions
Simply as an extension of his own reality
Beginning never leads to finality
Seeing surroundings with eager, eating eyes
Golden grass and tie-dye skies
Whispering up mountains that can move
The other dimension has nothing to prove
In that place he is given the answer
He is a tripper, a traveller, a chancer
Stream travels valleys, dew on grass glistens
Vibrations are another language for him to listen
Beating hearts, music beats his instructions
No normal way to function
No single way, no straightforward junction.
Urban underdog and so very unique
Streetlights look at him as he seeks
Eat the food of dreams and then nothing is as it seems
Catch him in dark through headlight beams
Never will understand the urban creature
But the main event, the main feature
How can he walk both the roads together?
He walks solo, and smiling into forever.


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