From Insanity to Esctasy


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By Thomas McNeight

ISBN: 9781847479723
Published: 2009
Pages: 150
Key Themes: New Zealand based author, schizophrenia, adventures, spirituality


In this book I have shown how it is possible to move from insanity, even into ecstasy. I have described what insanity was for me and how I have even had ecstatic times. I have questioned what it is and tried to describe what insanity is and shown that it is possible to move into mental wellbeing. I have looked into my beliefs on God and the cosmos. I have questioned the very foundations of my beliefs. And I have posed the question what do we really know about these things. I have posited what do we really know about mental illness in this stage of our journey as a race and how to treat it. I hope, if nothing else, to make people think about these things: the fundamental notions of nothingness, Godliness, and our capacity to heal.

About the Author

Tom McNeight lives in Wanganui, New Zealand. In spite of his diagnosis as a paranoid schizophrenic, with the discrimination he has often experienced and the many manual occupations he has had to work at, he has lived an interesting and exciting life. This includes such adventures as mountaineering, parachuting, bungy jumping, tramping and working in the bush, and fishing. He has completed many philosophy papers at university and has developed a skill in both writing and painting. He continues to enjoy these activities, frequently holding painting exhibitions and writing new books. His other continuing hobby is fishing.


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