From Goldfish Bowl to Ocean


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Personal Accounts of Mental Illness and Beyond
Edited By Zoe McIntosh

ISBN: 978-1-904697-69-5
Published: 2005
Pages: 252
Key Themes: short stories, recovery, empowerment, mental health services


Zoe McIntoshs book is based around sixteen recorded conversations with people who have volunteered to open-up about their experiences with serious mental health problems. Their accounts illustrate the varying ways that people cope with mental illness. Zoe hopes that through writing this book, people with mental illnesses will feel that they are not alone. Uniquely, she offers an insight into peoples lives which challenges the more traditional perspective of the medical profession. In this way, the book is able to tackle the stigma which surrounds mental health issues today.

About the Author

Zoe McIntosh is a mental health worker and writer. She was born in London in 1975 and spent her childhood years in Holland. She has lived in Oxford for the past ten years and is currently studying for an MA in World History at Sussex University. She wrote From Goldfish Bowl to Ocean in order to show how some people deal with mental health problems.

2 reviews for From Goldfish Bowl to Ocean

  1. Jason Hollywood (verified owner)

    Zoe Mackintosh has written a book that is significant for the Mental health Bill that is going through this Parliament. She interviewed people with “mental illness” on the aspect of recovery and discovered the rela truth about how people feel who are diagnosed. They are isolated, scared of society and the institutions that are supposed to protect them. Zoe’s book reveals the truth about how people really feel. It is the book that the drug companies, the government and the mental health charities have not managed to produce and is long overdue. From Goldfish Bowl To Ocean is a brilliant example of how Chipmunkapublishing is leading the voice of people who are service users globally. Well done Zoe, for your strength and well done Rethink for putting this project together.

  2. John Lewis (verified owner)

    Finally a book that helps us understand and explore the unknown areas of mental illness. This is a must read for all, fantastically written and interesting till the end.

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