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By Thomas de Haan

ISBN: 9781849912945
Published: 2010
Pages: 274
Key Themes: prose, poetry, short stories, translation


This book consists out of some prose poems and some short poems, in Dutch and English, with on the front side pages the original language, and with on the backside pages the translation. As well as the original text, most often in Dutch, but some short poems were written at first in English, as the translation, is of the hand of the author himself.

About the Author

The author has been born at 30 January 1950 in Krimpen aan den IJssel, ZuidHolland, Nederland, as the second son of Gerrit de Haan, 7 April 1922, 26 May 2001 en Iefje (little Eve) de Haan de Jonge, 24 November 1925 30 September 2007. His brother has been born at 24 December 1948 and his younger sister at 20 March 1953. His mother suffered the whole of her life under depressions, and also the author himself had on the age of fourteen a first depression and several there after with at the age of 28 a first manic depressive psychosis. He got then the diagnose schizophrenia, and has been for 4,5 month in the Psychiatric Department of the Academic Hospital Dijkzicht in Rotterdam.

After that he was during more than 2 years depressive, and had in the beginning of 1981 a very deep depressive psychosis and had to go to the hospital again. Several depressive psychosis followed, until 1999, after that they became again more manic depressive. In 2009 the diagnose was changed into schizophrenia, manic depressive form, or schizoaffective, although in 1999 was written in a report Affect flat. The Gotspe! Flat, could be, then, but deep!

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  1. Thomas (EMLV) de Haan (-Young) (verified owner)

    I gave this book 5 stars, should be more, 5+, that´s because the author knows more about Sigmund Freud, than Freud himself, plus also more about sexal and other symbols than Carl Gustav Jung knew. But of course the author of this oppinion is prejudiced, because HE, joke, is the AUTHOR of the book himself, what can be read as just poems too, and (prose) poems, ´A New Opening´, Thank you for my Swamming Suite, The sweet little Spook, and the Lady of the Dawn, the author is translating Jasn Pegler´s ´A Can of Madness´ at the moment, and trying to beget a figurative artist too!


    Tom Puss (Marten Toonder strips, Tom Poes/Ollie B. Bommel!

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